20?? AD Edit

2 weeks after world war 3

3 billion dead 20 percent of human kind in fallout shelters.

90 years after WW3

Fallout shelters open 50% die when opened

10 months later

First human outpost made. WW3 is now just a myth.

2 weeks later

2nd outpost made, Tension between the two outposts


3rd outpost made, WW4 Happens.


WW4 ends 2179 dead.

2089 Summer A prewar nuke gos off, Red hot pieces of metal rain from the sky. Snow


The nation of Tyin made in the ruins of the EU The nation of Kinon made in the ruins of the US The nation of Yioun made in the ruins of China

2104 Plans to how to make a nuke is found.The 3 of the nations are now making nukes

2 weeks later There is now 2000 outposts,450 are ruled by one of the three nations

2109 WW5 started when the nation of Tyin slaps the leader of Kinon

2112 First nuclear bomb used

2134 WW5 ends, 1 outpost is left.

2156 snowing stops and the clouds clear. The Cold summer is over