Apocalypse Wiki

America in a post-apocalyptic scenario is devistated by nuclear attack. Cities are destroyed, and what remains are run by gangs. Bases, camps, and minor settlements can be found throughout the wasteland.

  1. Scavengers base- hideout for scavenger gangs
  2. Settlement- farms, towns for people trying to rebuild
  3. Camps

Camps are more easily found

  1. merchant
  2. medical
  3. scavenger
  4. people

Good settlements are usually small and rare to find. Most have been overun by scavenger gangs, many turned into bases.

  1. Farm
  2. town
Scavenger base

A scavenger base is where a gang lord (boss) can be found. Take out the boss, take over the base. Recruit scavenger teams to your side. You may not be able to enlist them all, as some might put up a fight.