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This page is dedicated to conceptualizing characters in a post-apocalyptic world. The following is for role playing game characters.


There are five major factions that you can join or have some truce with:

  1. Metal Heads, organized company seeking scrap metal for body and vehicle armor. They also hog fuel preferring to consume it, rather than trade it. They are more apt to killing you for fuel, rather than trading for it.
  2. The Chosen, organized company of religious zealots. Techniques involve brainwasing and becoming a slave in their company. At least you’ll be well fed.
  3. The Miners, organized company seeking a super-mineral element needed for weapons. They will kill or trade for the super-mineral, depending on the mood of the acting Lord.
  4. The Nomads, nomadic gangs with no real agenda. They like to blow stuff up. These are the anarchists. They take what they want, and move on. There are several Nomadic gangs.
  5. The Watchers, a mysterious alien faction. Clues and quests are needed to discover them.



Droids are robots, androids, and any AI tech in the wasteland. They are remnants from the old-world, most of them are connected to The Cloud, and under its influence. You may reprogram a droid, but be sure they do not link to The Cloud. Will need Robotics + 8 to bypass automatic linking to The Cloud. The Cloud has its own agenda. With special skill and research, you may be able to modify and/or defeat The Cloud.

  1. The Cloud
  2. Doom8

The Nomads[]

The Nomads are scavenger gangs with a lot of in-fighting. There are several nomad gangs throughout the Wasteland: