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Species involved[]


By this time humans have perfected genetic engineering and have created intelligent animals to be used as servants.


In the future, chimpanzees are used as slaves and servants. However, people complain that they are not intelligent enough to serve man. So several corporations are selling experimented "intelligent chimps" as slaves.


The Rejects are intelligent chimps that have gained human-level intelligence. They plan to take over from the human race.


The Mutants are evolved chimpanzees with genius-level intellect. They have evolved rapidly because their ancestors were experimented on.


21st Century[]

Year: 2053[]

Scientific corporations are experimenting on chimpanzees to make them intelligent enough to the level of being able to be used as slaves and servants. However some chimps, known as "The Rejects" start exhibiting human behaviour. The Rejects are sent to be euthanised, but their leader lets them escape. They form a cult-like society and plan to take over the savage humans.

Year: 2055[]

The Rejects have started to enact their revenge against humanity. They have begun killing major figures and politicians. Over time they breed, and each generation becomes progressively more intelligent.

Year: 2085[]

The Rejects have become a cult of chimpanzees with an average IQ of 160. Some individuals have started to evolve rapidly as a result of the experiments performed on their ancestors. This new subspecies looks darker, less hairy, and has a larger braincase. The individuals have been nicknamed "The Mutants" and are shunned by the other Rejects.

Year: 2087[]

The Rejects have been killed and overthrown by the stronger Mutants. The Mutants develop advanced technology and cause the United States' nuclear defense systems to destroy parts of Japan and Siberia, launching the world into a nuclear war. Other countries become involved.

Year: 2100[]

The war has ended, many countries are desolate wastelands. Japan is a lifeless place. Half of Russia is controlled by the Mutants. The Mutants are developing biological weapons technology.

22nd Century[]

Year: 2101[]

The bio-weapons have been perfected and the Mutants are threatening to launch the missiles containing deadly artificial bacteria into Africa, Europe and the Middle East unless their demands are met. They aren't and the missiles are launched, however the disease was more deadly than expected, with no cure, thousands of people start experiencing the effects.