Apocalypse Wiki

The following lists are possible occupations in a post-apocalyptic crude community (May be of interest to those pursuing [ Path 2 ] for rebuilding society).

Food detail[]

  • Fisherman - feeds large numbers of people (short periods)
  • Farmer - feeds large numbers of people (long periods)
  • Hunter - feeds small groups
  • Butcher - meat preparation, and preservation
  • Food master ( Head cook ) - possesses recipes, secures and administers food


  • Medic - crude patchwork
  • Medical assistant - assists in all procedures


  • Blacksmith - weapons, tools, structural
  • Ranger - technical scout
  • Mason - building projects
  • Water-master - secures and administers water
  • Grain master - secures and administers grains ( needed if using silos )
  • Cloth-master - administers and mends apparel for both standard living and occupations.
  • Merchant - conducts trades on goods
  • Teacher - teaches history, survival, language, ethics
  • Scientist - limited research, advances based on salvagable equipment

Scout detail[]

Scout units are scavengers who are detailed to aquire certain items. Much of their time is spent scouting. If possible desired goods are determined to be in danger or hot zones, the scouts will report back to the Ranger command.

  • Naturalist scout (water and food sources)
  • Supply scout (container food, water, medicine, fuels)
  • weapons and weapon parts scavenger
  • Books and exotic parts scavenger (energy and old world parts)
  • Security scout (Recon)

Security units[]

  • Ranger command - deploys to hot zones, based on scout reports
  • guards - entrance, gate, sentry, VIP
  • enforcers (lawmen) - law enforcement
  • weapons master - secures and administers weapons

Leader hall[]

  • Leader or leaders (Titles: Overlord, Warlord, Lord, Head-Master)