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Evil Sceam is forever. If no one can. No one will

This may be utter nonsense, but it's not. If you think about it. What will happen. The only reason that the big rip will happen is because the guy who owns the brain of this large brain cell will smoke pot, there for destroying our universe. This is a segment!!

The universe is a brain cell which means that there are several other universes. In our prospective, if we think up of a an imaginative story or fantasy/dream. then that will be a universe in your brain. All universes are brain cells in our brains.

This is the science that the evil sceam is made up of and that it uses to create chaos with matter that noone thought it could be made into doomsday devices.

So if a person is smoking cannabis and is killing brain cells, then the pot is obliterating universes.

So the person who is thinking of the fantasy is basically God, but he doesn't know it, so he really isn't God. God most likely doesn't exsist

This possibly might be caused by The sugar rush inter-national lava streaking inhabitant beast of death, in the hands of the tights+batar=doom7 who created the Evil sceam theory