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Gun crafting is the ability to make post-apocalyptic weapons that may involve certain weapons quests. The Miners are also searching for weapons components. If your quest involves looking for gunpowder components, chance encounters with The Miners are increased.


Weapon accuracy is reduced for crafting a post-apocalyptic weapon.[1] Scrap metal is a primary component in crafting all weapons. Salvaging rifle barrels is also a component for long range weapons. The build-a-gun weapons quest requires the following tools:

  1. hand-file
  2. dremmel
  3. drill
  4. metal saw
  5. rivets

Gun oil[]

Gun oil is required for lubrication and upkeep. Gun oil can be produced by gathering any of the following:[2]

  • animal fat
  • vegetable fat


Gunpowder weapons include revolvers, shotguns, rifles, and artillery. Gunpowder fouls quickly and seizes automatic weapons, meaning repairs and maintenance are frequent.[2] Much of the components needed to make gunpowder come from mineral deposits.

Components needed to produce gunpowder

1. Crystal nitrate (nitrates come from dung)

Location: caves, Encounters: Mutated bats

2. charcoal

Component needed: wood

3. sulfur

Location: hot springs, volcanic regions, Component needed minerals.
Black powder Ammo

Black powder bullets will be slower, less accurate and shorter ranged. The lower velocity means bullets need to be heavier to have the same impact. Instead of .30 caliber, you'd be firing .45 or .50.[2] This will determine the type of gun of preference or crafting.


Various make-shift weapons found throughout the wasteland:

  • Revolving shotgun, 6 rounds, 12 guage
  • Shotgun pen, 1 round, 12 gauge, light
  • Pipe shotgun, 1 round, 12 gauge, moderate
  • .22 zip pistol, 6 rounds
  • .22 pen gun, 1 round
  • .22 long rifle, 1 round
  • .38 zip pistol, 6 rounds
  • .38 pen gun, 1 round
  • SMG, .40 cal
  • AK-47


  1. Custom barrels are likely to be smooth bore and are thus quite inaccurate (namely all pipe weapons).
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