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Henry Block was born in 2001 in Boston, Massachusetts. He moved to Minecraftia as soon as it became a country. His family moved to Shelter 33 when they heard about the up-coming war. Few years after the war Giant Spiders moved into Shelter 33, Henry soon became sick of sightings of Giant Spiders and when the shelter was over run he moved out. When he came out he noticed a wall had gone through the town. He moved on to the old Walmart building. A large man moved out to greet him, it was none other than Kenny "Walton" Wells. After that, he was made a slave by the Englishtown Slavers. A day later he met William Hay and Frank Budd. The next day William made a plan to escape, it worked. The main founders of  the Englishtown Slavers were, for an unknown reason, not killed by any slaves. Some slaves, however, were caught and brought back and the slavers lived on. They had to repair alot of stuff though. Henry then became an explorer. He found the Molmoe HM base and went in after finding a dead Hard Metal soldier and took his HM I.D. Hard Metal made a deal that if Henry went into the portal and came out alive he'd tell them whats been causing so many or their soldiers to not come back. When Henry came back he didn't tell them and they tried to kill him. He ran to the Iron Industries Cargo Dock and found a small boat there. Hard Metal just chased him. Henry lost them. Unfortunatly, Ronche isn't the best place to hide away from Hard Metal...


Race: Human, Caucasian

Karma: Good

Relatives: Sarah Block; sister

Apperances: Apocalypse, Apocalypse 2