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The end of the world. This phrase makes you think of Zombies and aliens in the future coming to take over our world. Maybe it isn't an unfamiliar creature that will end the world, maybe it is ourselves. In the year 2020, A man worse than Hitler takes over the planet with greater weapons and supplies than any other Dictator known to man. His name is Vladimir Tanner, and he is the future president of the United States of America. You wonder how it would be possible that we could elect an evil dictator, but he kept his intentions to himself.

He had connections with terrorists from the middle east who had grown in power since the U.S. troops withdrew in 2010. Take a look at the future of the The United States Of America.

From the Journal of a Survivor in a Rising rebellion- -August 4th, 2022- Somewhere East of New York: "We have not seen a landmark in weeks. The last recognizable landmark was the Empire State Building, and since then, we have been lost. We know there are Tanner's Troops hot on our trail. Our Militia just may fail....."

"There have been no survivors found since every major city was blown up.... It worries me that we may be the only civil people left. It is rumored that there is a huge rebellion all over Europe. I hope they get larger, so they can help us over here. But that is just a rumor. Maybe the entire world is under Vladimir Tanner's control. Maybe there is no hope at all."

"We found a Desolate and destroyed town. We have decided to stay here for a while in hiding. The ruined buildings make great cover. It is obvious that this town is a victim of Vladimir's horrid troops."

-August 7th-

"I see them in the distance. Some are hooded, some are suited in gray and green. This may be the last entry in this journal. We must put up a fight. There aren't too many soldiers coming. We still could have a chance at escaping. This must just be a scouting team. If we defeat them, we need to evacuate the area."

"They are only a couple of blocks away. It will only be minutes until they spot us."

"They see us. Goodbye.... I hope someone discovers this journal.

Sincerely, John Mitchell, a hopeless survivor "

Once Vladimir's secret intentions were let out, he began calling Middle Eastern and Korean troops over to slaughter the US troops. After the army was gone, Cities like this were taken out completely by Nuclear bombs.

The only survivors were those who moved around avoiding areas that were yet to be destroyed. This way they knew it was safe in an already desolate town. Tanner's troops wouldn't strike twice in the same place.

After the bombing was over, scattered survivors began gathering and creating rebellions like this one.

It would eventually become overwhelming Vladimir's army to take out scattered uprisings. So, the imperial troops would begin depleting to the point that a reverse apocalypse may happen.

Let's hope so.

From the journal of the survivor-

" Nevermind. I think we may survive another day.... Let's get out of here."

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