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The Metal Heads, or Metal-heads, are an organized company who seek scrap metal for body and vehicle armor. They also hog fuel preferring to consume it, rather than trade it. They are more apt to killing you for fuel, rather than trading for it. They guard fuel depots situated at several key locations. Looking for fuel? Raid their fuel depots. They will do the same to you, if they know you have fuel.

Path choices[]

  • Join the Metal-heads and become a leader in your quest for supreme Overlord over the Earth. Ye who has fuel, is a god amongst man (Follows Path 1).
  • Join the Metal Heads, learn their operations, then take them down - to redistribute their wealth of fuels (Follows Path 2).
  • Organize the fractured Nomads to war against the Metal Heads. Securing fuel may not be possible, as the Nomads will fight and divide for it. Turning on The Nomads is possible, but may result in certain losses of fuel.
  • Use The Chosen to defeat the Metal-heads. They have no interest in fuels, so you may have a better chance re-allocating large scale fuel operations. The next threat to fuel operations are The Nomads. Once they realize you have control of fuel operations, The Nomads will organize.

Leader: Jeff Metal