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Rabids are the zombie-types in the post apocalyptic world. They suffer from constant mutations of tumor sacks, aggravated from exposure to the highly radioactive E115 that resulted from The Great Nuclear Cloud.


And the dead shall rise...

Not long after The Great Day, many organics were affected by E115 that spread by way of The Great Nuclear Cloud. Human populations in certain cities mutated into what is termed the Rabids. Survivors are thought to have sought refuge in mountainous areas, away from the cities. Rabids mainly populate in certain city areas.

  • Before entering a city, GM roles to determine Rabid presence and in what numbers, including the amount of consentrated spore levels. Little to no spores, assumes that a city is safe from Rabid presence. Player can aquire a spore detector, for better strategy.


Many rabids are plagued with sacks that when burst open, they release spores. The sacks form in all shapes and sizes on any part of the body, likened to insane tumors. The Rabid Lord will be a giant (See The Great Resurrection) having many putrid sacks. Close combat, such as melee, is not possible against any Rabid, but a sure way to become exposed by exploding sacks. Stealth, protective gear, and long-range attacks will ensure survival. Decontamination of spores is also possible with [ research ] + 8 and the right equipment.


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