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Seeking Annihilation is a major path [ Path 3 ] to winning The Great Apocalypse Wiki game.


  • Destroy the Earth completely. This is the lonely path that states, that the Earth must not to be left to anyone, neither humans, aliens, or creatures. This objective is a suicide mission.


Note to editors: This is an open list. Please feel free to add or ammend these ideas.

  • Reseach AI technology to plan a way to finish what The Cloud started. May need to add a mod to The Cloud, so that after it destroys the Earth, it self-destructs. Currently, The Cloud seeks survival and wants to know why it lives. You will not live long enough to know how it destroys you and everything.
  • Find the last of the codes to remaining silos and launch them all, to finish off the Earth.
  • Find and release the super biological agent that disolves all organic flesh. If The Cloud is not defeated, or shut down first, it will leave the the Earth in the hands of AI. After this agent is released, you will not survive. This option may/or may not defeat The Watchers, depending if the GM wants them to be organic or not.