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Seeking Utopia is a major path [ Path 2 ] to winning The Great Apocalypse Wiki game.


  • Rebuild a perfect society, the way you see fit, where everyone is happy.
Rule 1: Your plan should be distinct from the way the gang Lords are currently running things.
Rule 2: Your plan should avoid the old world government systems that caused The Great Day to begin with in the first place.



Note to editors: This is an open list. Please feel free to add or ammend these ideas.

  • Develop a society banning all/some weapons.
  • Develop a one world government.
  • Develop a society with co-leaders (where NO one person is ultimate head).
  • Develop a society that bans competitions, ranking, and being competitive (includes avoiding old-world capitalism).
  • Develop a society that bans freeloaders, where it is a crime to not have work. Being out of a job puts you at risk of being outed. Elder people and the infirm will also be at risk (includes avoiding/banning old-world socialism, credit systems, insurance and paying-it forward).
  • Develop a society that avoids paying taxes, tariffs, royalties. Must function on trade. Avoids credit systems, dollars, coins.
  • Develop a society that puts a cap on technology. Remember, this post-apocalyptic world is watched by the eye-in-the-sky, known as The Cloud, an advanced AI construct that had a part in felling the bombs. If you seek technological advancement, you may repeat history with an even more devestating AI-where all life is eradicated (May be of interest for [ Path 3 ] planners).

Being outed[]


Being outed is what you define as the best way to deal with the subjects of the Utopian society that you are building.

  • Death penalty, Easiest solution for leaders. However, may cause uprisings and revolts against your society when loved ones are put to death.
  • Repayment plan, A debtor must pay off their crime, no matter how old or infirm. If they cannot, you may have to:
  1. re-evaluate if what they did is truely a crime (change the law)
  2. Give them a pass (May cause revolts, if your free pass is given to a limited few, and not all)
  3. Seek death penalty or penalization.
  • Transport to a penal colony (If you choose this option, you must determine how it is financially maintained. Who pays for it? Especially if the Utopia society functions on trade only, and does not support paying taxes).

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