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The Great Day is the day the bombs fell. All super-powers were devestated. The post-apocalyptic world is now overrun by scavenger gangs and gang Lords. A remnant of the old world is the eye-in-the-sky called The Cloud. It is an advanced AI construct that was partly responsible for the felling of bombs on The Great Day. It is still a current threat, operating any drones and androids that had survived. As a result of The Great Day, The Great Resurrection is the emergence of enormous mutated creatures that appeared throuout the wasteland. Among the mutated, are the Rabids who appear in larger numbers in certain cities.

Path choices[]

Path 1: Become an Overlord, and take over as much territory as possible.

Path 2: Rebuild a structured utopian society.

Path 3: Find a way to finish off what had already begun, destroy the Earth completely.