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  • April 8 2019: New virus is discovered by Daiki Endo in Japan. Further research suggests it is a more virulent strain of bird flu and it can spread to other animals, including humans.
  • April 10 2019: Two Japanese farmers contract the disease, and go into violent spasms. Testing reveals extraordinary drug resistance in the virus which is yet to be named.
Barack Obama resigns after nearly three terms. He is replaced by Joe Biden.
  • April 15 2019: Several Farms in Japan are now thought to harvest the disease. The new virus is being called "Tiger flu" by the press and it sticks. New symptoms are now developing in the infected which includes vomiting, sweating rapidly and having uncontrollable fits Fudge of rage. The World health organisation (WHO) is warning of an epidemic if Japan does not take action soon. Scientists working under extreme pressure from the government cannot find an effective cure yet.

Barry Deforge, the leader of the BNP gains a shocking majority in parliament.

  • April 16 2019: Tiger flu is spreading faster than early predictions.
  • April 19 2019: Tiger flu has infected over 847 Japanese, according to Reuters. Daiki Endo says his team are no closer to finding a cure.
A British health watchdog says the NHS is woefully unprepared to deal with a possible pandemic emerging from japan.
  • April 21 2019: Tiger flu found in China and Russia. An estimated 2052 infected Japanese civilians. Endo has noticed signs of hypersensitivity in individuals and airborne infection.
The global recession ends.
  • April 30 2019: Japan closes down all public transit and declares martial law. Japanese troops are ordered to shoot law breakers on site. Resisters in Tokyo are gunned down.

Black May[]

  • May 22 2019: Tiger flu found in east Europe. Flu getting stronger and deadlier by the hour. Prime minster Nathan Smith says in a press conference "We will do everything in our power to prevent this from getting through our boarders."
Nearly 63 percent of all Japanese animals have the flu.

  • May 23 2019: Scientists finding it increasingly difficult to track the flu. The UK shuts down borders. Tiger flu evolving at an alarming rate and transforming victims into cannibals, moulding itself around the nervous system acting as a parasite.
A state of emergency is declared in Russia. Half of the population is infected.
  • May 25 2019: Infected individuals being nicknamed "Rabids" across Russia and Europe. German troops on alert, expecting an outbreak in Poland.
The BBC begins its emergency broadcasts, interlaced with Eastenders to keep up morale.
American troops are pulled out of Afghanistan.
  • May 27 2019: Day one of the Kremlin siege. Rabids surrounding Moscow cut off food supplies. Russian troops defending Red Square.
  • May 29 2019: First reports of 'Tiger Flu' in America are reported in Alabama. U.S. goverment advises people not to panic and ensure them that it is only a small outbreak. Southern residents start heading north.
  • May 30 2019: Kremlin breached. America calls DEFCON 1 at a World Conference; rabids have control of Russia's Nuclear Supplies.
  • June 6 2019: Infection spreads to California and Nevada, Infected individuals in British Columbia (Canada) show signs of intelligence. America gets the news and bombs the Kremlin, afraid that the rabids there might evolve too.
  • June 7 2019: California and Nevada are quarantined by the US Military.
  • June 8 2019: Riots break out in Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, and the Bay Area. Mobs attempt to break through the military barriers, but fail. Small packs sneak through the borders. One group had been shot down
  • June 11 2019: 'Tiger Flu' breaks out in Washington, Oregon, Utah, and Idaho. Biden declares martial law.
  • June 30 2019: All of Mainland Europe has been overrun by rabids. Small groups of surviors attempt to reach Great Britain. 
  • July 2 2019: All of South America has been overrun by the Rabids. Central America is falling. The Mexican government collapses. Most of the Southern United States is infected. Biden and the rest of the government evacuate to Honolulu. 
  • July 7 2019: The US Military attempts to evacuate the mainland United States. The plan, known as Operation Everlasting Eagle, involves removing all Americans from north of the 42 parallel to either uninfected Alaska or Hawaii. The ensuing chaos results in disaster. Millions are killed by rabids, or sadly by others in the riots. 10 million civilians are evacuated to Alaska and 5 million are evacuated to Hawaii. Biden says, "The United States has never seen a more terrible day, yet we shall prevail. From this brave group a new nation shall emerge."

China is completely overrun by rabids.

  • July 18 2019: Rabids in Russia finally evolve enough to launch nuclear strikes. London is destroyed.UK government collapses and Great Britain falls into chaos. US military forces detonate nuclear weapons over Russia, China, the former mainland US, and all other nations known to possess nuclear weapons 
  • July 29 2019: In a secret meeting in Hawaii, Biden announces his plan to place as many survivors as possible into prototype spaceships in an effort to save the human race. While the spaceships are superior to space shuttles, they cannot take the survivors beyond the solar system. The Joint Chiefs accept the plan.

Africa is overrun by rabids. The only non-rabid controlled parts of the Earth are Hawaii, Alaska, Taiwan, Iceland, and Madagascar.

  • August 3 2019: rabids breach American defenses in Alaska. Millions perish.
  • August 5 2019: Taiwan and Iceland are overrun by Rabids.
  • August 9 2019: Madagascar's government collapses as zombies arrive. Hawaii is the last remaining place in human hands.
  • August 11 2019: Biden orders the spaceship plan, now known as Operation Noah's Ark, is officially launched. A lottery determines 1,000 people to participate in the brave plan. 
  •  August 16 2019: Biden attempts to sneak on to the spaceships, though he was not chosen by the lottery. In the ensuing outcry, Biden resigns. General Larry Spencer assumes the Presidency.
  • August 17 2019: Spencer and the survivors watch as the spaceships (Known as Noah and Emzara) successfully take off from Maui. The ships go in to orbit and the 1,000 people are put into cryogenic sleep. 
  • August 25 2019: The Rabids overrun Hawaii. No non-"rabified" humans remain on Earth.some humans are living Antartica preying on small game in the snowy parts of the Arctic. 
  • 2102: "Beings" reach the Noah and Emzara. These beings are in fact Aliens. They were sent to bring the 1,000 humans to settle a new planet. All humans successfully emerge from cryogenic sleep. Humans are offered the choice: Either join them in Andromeda or have their memories erased and restart the Human Race from the beginning. After much deliberation,Humans decide not to settle a new planet and keep their knowledge. Mankind begins its Second Era in another Galaxy.