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Balance anti-shield is a division that takes up the evil science mantel of the Evil Sceam. they actually created theories like the evil sceam, which made them superior to most evil organizations of the planet.


They also deal doomsday devices with Neo-Nazis and space stations with Russian Communists.

They are the top of all Evil dealerships.


They're located on the peek of Mt. Doom in the present universe, or should I say brain cell. MUhahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

Similar Evil Divisions

Doom8 is a sub division of Tights=batar=doom7 that has a plot to destroy Balance anti-shield. and instead they are

dealing with American fascists and the Black Panther Party. they are instead destroying America, and then plague-ing the rest of

the world with zombie virus, so that humans will become extinct and then Doom8 can live happily ever after in a world that

is all forest and ocean, and is populated entirely of cats, fish, chicken, cows, and birds: with colonies of puppie

this is retarded[]